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Halt Railway Station Ústí nad Orlicí - City


Halt Railway Station Ústí nad Orlicí - City

Considering the given period, the decision to build the railway line from Prague to Olomouc demanded a lot of courage. Especially if we take into account that it was the young engineer Jan Perner (1815 – 1845) who was entrusted with the outline of the whole project. No sooner than on 1March 1842 was he appointed a public official as well as the chief engineer of the state railways. The construction of this central railway track started in 1843. The works on the first part of the line from Olomouc to Pardubice were overseen by Karel Keisler, the second one from Pardubice to Prague by Jan Perner himself. The railway line was put into operation on 20 August 1845. Obrázek

The development of the railway went hand in hand with the necessity of building the individual railway stations. The one in Ústí, whose unofficial name is “The Old Railway Stationˮ, was designed in the empire style by Antonín Jüngling. It is interesting that the middle part of the station building originally served as a water tank for steam locomotives. Opposite the station building, over the railway, there used to be yet another storehouse with a service track. However, only until 1874, in which year the railway line to Kyšperk was opened. And that brought about the opening of the second station building in Ústí, the so called “New Railway Stationˮ.Obrázek

That is why the importance of the halt railway station Ústí nad Orlicí – město declined, which resulted in its unstoppable dilapidation. Fortunately, this station building (being the oldest one on the aforementioned railway line) was completely reconstructed and provided with a subway in 1955. And that was the end of all endeavours to demolish this object.